Author George McNeill

GEORGE MCNEILL was raised in Mississippi and lived in New York City, Rome and Tangier. His novel, The Plantation, sold a million copies and its sequel, Rafaella, 850,000 copies. He wrote 38 additional novels, including Night of the Hellebore and Mama’s Little Girl.

Since moving back to Mississippi a few years ago, he has written a newspaper column that has won three first place awards from the press associations of West Virginia, Arkansas and Louisiana.


One Lifetime Is Not Enough

When I was growing up in the piney woods, everything I liked was either illegal, immoral or fattening. Remembering my misspent youth and middle age from Mississippi’s prohibition and portable electric chair to Greenwich Village, Rome and The Djna El Fan in Marrakech.

The Plantation

Plantation, by George McNeillIn the days of pre-Civil War slavery – the unforgettable novel of a shocking portion of our American heritage.

The time was not all magnolia blossoms and crinolines. It was more than romance and splendor. It was debauchery and slavery, gambling tables and dens of iniquity. It was murder and forgiveness.

It was all the great contradiction of life in a golden era…


Rafaella, by George McNeillThey lived in a world of secret guilts.

Rafaella: at seventeen she had a beauty that could possess and destroy. No man was safe from her, not even her father.
Wyman: He would do anything to gain Rafaella’s favor. His pursuit of love would lead to disaster.
Frannie: Rafaella’s stepmother.
Lawton: He knew the secret of Rafaella’s past, a secret his lust would never let him reveal.

The Hellions

The Hellions, by George McNeillStripped of her pride and damned by her passion, she was the last of a fallen dynasty.

As heir to the richest plantation in the South, Cynthia Deavors enjoyed the privilege of royalty. But her roots were cursed by corruption. She couldn’t control her twin brother’s decadent lust for female slaves, or suppress her mother’s shameless affair with a young adventurer. Nor could she deny the raging love that swept her from the pinnacle of wealth and power into the path of the one scheming woman who haunted the Deavors family … Rafaella.

White Trash

White Trash, by George McNeillFrom the smoldering ashes of the war-torn south, she rose to challenge destiny in a world seething with desire and corruption…

Beautiful Amy Scullins bore the name of the county hangman, her legal father. Yet by blood she was the daughter of dashing Clayton Deavors and rightful heir to the sweeping acres of The Columns, the Deavors’ magnificent plantation that stood proudly over Natchez, Mississippi. But her shameful burden was her unscrupulous family, who sought to break her through the evils of seduction and blackmail.

Though fear and lust loomed to challenge her will, Amy vowed to claim her true heritage. This was her one last chance to wrest a life of grandeur and passion from the lawless ruins of the old South. Her last chance to strip herself of the brand of… White Trash

Night of the Hellebore

Night of the Hellebore, by George McNeillReturning to Morganville to further her studies, Ilana soon discovers things are not as they seem with her grandmother, Morgana, or the rest of her family. Offered room and board, Ilana agrees to serve as her grandmother’s personal cook, while also following a strict set of guidelines.

While preparing the various meals, Ilana, an expert in herbs and spices, stumbles across the presence of various poisons, including the deadly hellebore. Before long, she finds herself fighting for her life, as do others in the house, as an unknown killer stalks the town in the midst of a raging hurricane.

Can she discover the killer’s identity in time to save lives — or will one of those lost be her own?

Mama’s Little Girl

Mama's Little Girl, by George McNeill